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The flat roof is waterproof.

A flat roof can provide the watertight surface that keeps your building protected from moisture for years to come. The types of bitumen commonly used in many varieties of flat roofs can resist the harshest weather conditions, making this option a durable solution. However, certain precautions must be taken during this particular installation to guarantee its effectiveness. Our experienced flat roof specialists know how to give you a lasting flat roof. We specialize in installation and repair that keeps your building safe from moisture.

Flat roofs are by nature highly durable, but from time to time, all construction materials require repairs. View our roof repair page to learn more about our repair services or view photos from our past repairs. You can trust our professionals to bring the knowledge and attention to detail that it needs for an optimized lifespan.

We work very hard to ensure your roof is perfect.

We take our work very seriously, so you can be confident that when we work on your project, you will get the efficient and thorough workmanship that will keep your building protected from the weather.

Flat Roofs in Florida

Benefits of Flat Roofs

 There are many benefits to choosing this residential roof style in South Florida, including:

  1. The use of fewer materials
  2. Durability.
  3. TEasy installation.
  4. Extra useable space
  5. Versatility.

Flat roofs in South Florida do not have to withstand snow, ice and cold winter temperatures, which can eventually lead to roof leaks. A flatter roof also allows homeowners to enjoy more of the region’s beautiful weather by creating useable space on top of the house. It just so happens roofs that are flat are great spaces for both patio chairs and container gardens.

Flat Roof Durability in South Florida

Flat roofing for your home can be incredibly durable when installed by our expert contractors at Alom Builders The newer styles are water-resistant and can hold up to heavy winds. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Keep your family safe with a roof inspection by a qualified roofing expert.

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Alom Builders prides itself on offering a high quality, professional service. We can handle any of your roofing, metal and flat roofing needs and we work with the best tiles in Florida.

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