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Ludowici Roof Tile

of clay roofing tiles, floor tiles, and wall cladding. The company was established in 1888 with the formation of the Celadon Terra Cotta Company in Alfred

The Boring Company

Company for various projects. In February 2021, Miami mayor Francis Suarez revealed that Musk had proposed to dig a two-mile tunnel under the Miami River

Eli Timoner

quickly moved to expand the company by creating two subsidiaries, Giffen Roofing and Giffen-Bird Realty, both based in Miami. In 1966 Giffen acquired Atlantic

Paul Gleason

restaurateur, professional boxer, iron worker, and roofing manufacturer. Gleason was raised in Miami Beach, Florida. At age 16, he ran away from home and

1926 Miami hurricane

The Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 was a large and intense tropical cyclone that devastated the Greater Miami area of Florida and caused catastrophic damage

Angela Nikolau

Retrieved 17 March 2023. “Fearless model famed for stomach-churning ‘roofing‘ selfies climbs to top of world’s tallest crane hand-in-hand with boyfriend”

Toll Brothers

rain when windy. The project gained notoriety in 2007 when a kettle of roofing tar on the top level caught fire during construction and although quickly

Hillman Solutions

Corporation. The transaction was announced in December 2011. Micasa was based in Miami, Florida and had annual revenue of $10 million in the preceding year. In

Radiant barrier

When radiant solar energy strikes a roof, heating the roofing material (shingles, tiles or roofing sheets) and roof sheathing by conduction, it causes the


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